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jewelry photography, advertisement and product photoshoots

Advertisement photography

Advertisement photography

The result of collaboration of 4 Russian Ladies:

Hair and Make-up: Anna Khristenko

Model: Eleonora

Photography: Elena / SoloStep Studio

Jewelry design: Inna / Shantal Jewelry

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Advertisement photography doesn’t need to cost a lot.  We also happy for any small orders, which means you can actually hire us for as little as $50. If you have a larger order, that’s great! We’re able to shoot larger projects more efficiently and we pass this savings onto our clients.

Our pricing is mainly based on the size of your goods as well as on the size of your order and rates drop significantly for large orders.

Over the years, we have worked with a large variety of online jewelry shops, and as such, gained lots of insight and experience with the art. Thanks to our extensive background, SoloStep Studio has cultivated its own unique and comprehensive approach to jewelry photography that will satisfy each and every client.

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