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In November 2014 we had a wonderful workshop with Alexey Dovgulya. Alexey is an author of Go Pro Studio Beauty Video Training course created in LA, USA and sponsored by Go Pro corporation. He’s a hi-end photographer mastering unique light techniques, creator turning inspiration into masterpiece. Alexey is famous by his work with light, just with his camera he creates images that most of the Photographers can’t imagine being mastered without Photoshop tools.

There were 2 exiting days that every attendee will remember as a enjoyable time spent with a talented artist and very pleasant person Alexey Dovgulya. Not a minute was spent useless. Alexey is a great teacher whos main tool is practice.

At the day one Alexey shared with us his art approach to modern photography, he explained why and how light became his big passion and never ending base for experiments. He showed quite a bit of his set ups and tricks, Alexey was never stingy for professional secrets and was very attentive to any question of the audience. This workshop felt more like a project made with friends rather than a boring standart course packed of overwhelming extra information. Dozens of impressive images was captured by each participant. We were so excited to have Alexey here and so inspired by the practical part of the workshop that nobody was in a hurry to end up the day.

We couldn’t wait for a day two when Alexey shared his retouching practices. Even experienced photography enthusiasts were surprised by some of his tecniques. Many said: “My photographer’s life is going to be so much easier now!”.

It was a great weekend spent with great people! We are looking forward to see Alexey again and craving for more of his wizard’s white magic!

Portrait photography by SoloStep Studio

Close-up portrait with strobe and continuous lights combination

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