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Jewelry Product Photography

Project Description

Jewelry Product Photography

Jewelry Product Photography for retail community and on-line shops: catalogs, look books, jewelry fashion editorials. Attractive prices, exceptional quality.

One of the products we’ve been shooting a lot of lately is jewelry, specifically jewelry for catalog use. In my opinion, jewelry is one of the hardest things to photograph, and many photographers don’t know where to start. Jewelry product photography comes with its own unique set of challenges. Products are small, reflective, and can be difficult to stage for shooting.


We approach catalog photography a bit differently than “hero” or advertising photography. The images are generally going to be much smaller and need to be consistent with work either from the same batch, or previous shoots. When it comes to catalog photography, the goal is to be efficient. We want to present a clean, uniform look that allows the client to use any of the images interchangeably. We also want to show as much of the product as possible to give the viewer a solid idea of what they’re potentially buying. With catalog photography, the attention to detail is typically not as critical as advertising imagery, nor is the retouching as refined (efficiency is key), therefore the budgets are typically smaller per image. Another thing that keeps the cost down is the limited usage, typically licensed for just catalog use, whereas a hero image could be licensed for magazine ads, website, billboards, etc.

We don’t use light tents, instead we prefer to build our own sets based on the specific characteristics of the pieces we’re photographing. I find that by customizing the set, I get a lot more control and can create a better looking image for my client. We generally shoot like-items in series so we don’t have to change the set around as often between pieces (efficiency is key).

Check outĀ ourĀ latest work on the new jewelry collection for Shantal Jewelry now :



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  • Date March 9, 2016
  • Tags Advertisement photography, Commercial photography, Jewelry, Jewelry photography
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