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Moments to remember

Jewelry photography for on-line stores

Professional portrait photography, Jewelry product photography by SoloStep Studio

Portrait photography

Professional portrait photography Check out our latest work for Shantal Jewelry in professional portrait photography for jewelry advertising. SoloStep Studio provides comprehensive professional photography service

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Jewelry product photography

Jewelry product photography

Jewelry product photography We finished 2015 with jewelry product photography session for Shantal Jewelry . Gorgeous evening collection of bracelets, unique rings and earrings. Las fashion

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SG50 limited edition jewelry photography

Jewelry photography for Shantal Jewelry’s SG50 Collection

More news about jewelry photography! In honor of Singpore’s 50th anniversary, Shantal Jewelry will be releasing a line of sleek and elegant SG50 pieces, so

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jewelry product photography

Product jewelry photography

Product photography doesn’t need to cost a lot. We shoot and retouch product photography all day, every day so we are able to keep our

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