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Wedding photography: story of the dress

Wedding photography: story of the dress

about month ago we had a photo shoot with Tatiana and Dmitriy. Today we are publishing some photos together with the story from the bride.

The story behind the wedding dress: “Blue on White a la-Russe”
 I always thought that a wedding symbolises the pinnacle of love between two people, a moment when the couple share their unique story with their family and close friends in a very personal way.
Russia as my home country, and Greece, as my husband’s birth place, became our inspiration when it came to choosing a wedding theme. Moreover, the grandmother of my husband was purely Russian (coming from a Russian aristocrat family in St Petersburg which moved to Greece during the 1917 Revolution in Russia). Both countries have deep religious and historical ties. We were truly inspired to bring together to our wedding celebration the best flavours of both of these cultures.

The Power of Colours
We have chosen a combination of blue and white for our special day. Simple but powerful colours which represent the essence of Greece symbolizing the blue of the Hellenic Sea and the Sky, and the Whiteness of its restless waves!
The rich Russian culture has also brought its own unique style of expressing the beautiful blue and white colour combination, and it is called ”Gzhel”.
Gzhel, is a picturesque town close to Moscow, famous for centuries for the production of white porcelain with distinctive hand painted blue designs. Local master craftsmen and famous designers, preserving old traditions, enrich this precious heritage with their own creations. Every item is hand-made, and a piece of art on its own. Such precious pieces are highly sought after by art lovers from Russia and beyond.
From inspiration to creation
A favorite song of my husband, the rock ballad “November Rain” by Guns & Roses, had a strong influence on how I styled my dress. While watching the song video, I was astonished by the bride’s short in front long train wedding dress: feminine, youthful, elegant and sexy in one.
My version would be modern and highlight my origin through traditional Russian gzhel motifs. I designed my own gzhel composition combining floral and bird print pictured in various hints of blue.
To make it richer and bring an artistic 3D effect, I resorted to hand made embroidery, my passion since childhood, adding to the pattern pearls, beads and Swarovski crystals. My wedding dress dream finally came to life through my close co-operation with a very talented and upcoming Russian dress designer.
During the entire preparation to our day, we followed our chosen wedding theme of blue and white by creating a personalised wedding website, wedding invitations, wedding guests’ book, choosing the venue decoration, wedding photography album,  wedding cake, table sets, etc.
Our special moment became the centre piece of celebration of our cultures, and the wedding dress was the culmination of that…
Until the last minute, the dress design and creation was a closely guarded secret from the groom. After the wedding, he told me that watching me walking down the aisle in that dress was the most magical moment in his life.
Sometimes a perfect wedding dress creates magic and a perfect start to a long journey.
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